Saturday, October 1, 2016

Talking Tachlis


Ok. One more post today.

I should have known when I created a blog that I would ramble about Jewish identity far more than actually share the tachlis (practical) elements of my time here. I'm sure people are curious (or maybe not) about my life and work here. I'll give you a brief update.

  • I am here to work primarily with BBYO. I'm enjoying the kids (middle school aged) and the BBYO leadership team (Linda, Rabbi Tomi, and 4 madrichim). We meet every Sunday, so tomorrow will be my third meeting.
  • Soon (mid/post-chagim), I will teach a weekly leadership seminar for a group of teens who could be future leaders/madrichim. Since they are still a little young to handle some of the big picture/abstract elements of running a youth group, I'll work first on specific skills.
  • At the end of the month, we are having a BBYO-Hungary fall camp, which is our big convention for the semester. It will be Friday-Monday. I have been given most of the responsibility for the vision and planning, because the leadership here only knows the Szarvas model and wants some new ideas. I've put my Ramah/USY experience to work, and will pick up my planning next week.
  • I'm in touch with some other JDC-BBYO fellows about starting utilizing the BBYO-Europe network for some co-programming. Hopefully we can find some ways to work together and meet up.
  • I met with the Lauder Javne Community School here about helping out there. We thought of having me bring Jewish content to the advanced English students. 
  • My Visa is still not totally worked out, but I visited the authorities with a lawyer that JDC set me up with, and we're hopefully close to getting that worked out (shoutout to my dad for helping get my college diploma notarized, apostilled, and next day shipping it to Hungary last week!!!)
After the chagim, we will have the fall camp, and then I think I can hopefully settle into a schedule. For now, I'm enjoying having time to settle in and explore a little.