Tuesday, November 1, 2016



First, here is a Reshet Ramah (Ramah alumni network) feature on my experiences in Budapest:

Next, here are pictures and videos that tell the story of my last few weeks here:

Standing outside the Sukkah that was built in the courtyard in front of the Frankel Syngagogue

Teaching the BBYOers about Lulav and Etrog

At a langos stand in Szentendre. Langos is a traditional Hungarian food, and it is fried dough covered with garlic, sour cream, and cheese

In the synagogue in Szentendre. They claim it is (one of) the smallest synagogue(s) in the world. It is a hole in the wall room with 8 seats total.

Walking around in Szentendre

Sonja (Tomi and Linda's daughter) and I enjoying our langos

Selfie with our BBYO group in Szentendre, waiting for the Israelis to join

BBYO Hungary proudly posing in the final moments of our camp. I'm in the front row between the two flags.

Singing Hinei Mah Tov with the Israeli group

Hear I am leading our new favorite cheer for the whole group of Hungarians and Israelis. Much thanks to the Mishlachat at Ramah this summer for teaching me this song!

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