Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Grand Benjypest Hotel / AirBnBenjy -- Pt. 1

1/10 (well, that's when I started this reflection...)

I am now towards the end of a LONG stretch of time during which I have guests in town. We have a large main room in our apartment that serves as kitchen, dining room, and living room, and we have added bedroom to the list of functions frequently since early December.

Guest 1:
First, my cousin Josh visited me in early December after he finished his semester abroad in London. It was so nice of him to schedule in a visit to Budapest during his post-studies Eurotrip. Unfortunately, we happened to interact with many grumpy Hungarians, from transit workers to waiters, which was pretty annoying. I got to watch Josh use his newly sharpened British accent to try and get us European student deals at museums, and we had a great time catching up for a couple days and seeing some of the city.

Guests 2 & 3:
The following week, the BBYO International Presidents, Aaron and Ellie, stayed with me for half a week as part of their international tour visiting some of the international BBYO chapters (that's right, I said "international" thrice in that sentence). The BBYO international presidency is a gap year during which the Presidents visit communities and offer workshops and advice. As a new chapter, it was great having them visit Hungary and represent the actual BBYO network and brand. They taught us some cheers, prepped our delegation for BBYO's International Convention (IC) in Dallas, and hung out with our teens. I think I might have been the first JDC Fellow to personally host them during their travels, but both of them are great and it was nice to meet them and show them around. And we got to light the first Chanukah candle together!


VERY IMPORTANT! During their visit, I FINALLY got my residence permit for working in the EU!! I promise, I'm happier than I look in the picture:

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