Sunday, September 18, 2016

First week: Pictures

 My first stop from the airport was the Great Synagogue, the second largest synagogue in the world.

 This is Linda's mother's dog. He listens to directions really well. Basically, the dogs here understand Hungarian better than I ever will.
 On Friday, we visited a campsite where we will host our BBYO Fall Camp. To cross the Danube at this spot (away from the big bridges of Budapest), there is this boat that you drive your car onto, and it floats you across the river. I look touristy here, but the others with me were also taking lots of pictures and enjoying the ride.

 Here is the BBYO group doing a name game activity.
 First day of work!
Here is one of the BBYO JR. kids making a Pokemon Go! Rosh Hashanah card. 

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