Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pre-Departure Check in


This isn't my first "official" post, since I'm sitting at home in my living room watching the Bears. However, this otherwise ordinary Sunday is filled with the added pressures of packing and continuing to mentally prepare for my move to Budapest.

I received this video this morning from my new friends in Hungary:

My supervisor, Linda, told me that the kids are a little nervous about the fact that I speak only English (and no Hungarian). She is having them prepare three sentences about themselves in English as an introduction. I'm sure it will be tough for both of us at first to adjust to the communication barrier, but we will all adjust and find the best ways to communicate. 

I will arrive in Budapest on Wednesday afternoon, and Linda will pick me up from the airport and bring me to my apartment. There is a shopping mall full of familiar stores nearby, and even an IKEA not too far. I'm sure I will spend my first few days unpacking, acclimating, filling my apartment with the basics, and otherwise settling in. I have no idea exactly what my schedule will look like or where I will be for Shabbat, but I'm sure it will become more clear soon.

I will do my best to keep people updated about my experience, including some of the day-by-day happenings, as well as my reflections as I join what seems like an absolutely remarkable Jewish community, through my work with BBYO-Hungary and the JDC.

Goodbye for now, or as google translate tells me: Ég veled!

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